ph_ps_mainPsychosynthesis is an approach to counselling and therapy which was originally developed by Roberto Assagioli (1888 – 1974). Assagioli was a psychiatrist who worked with the ideas of Freud and Jung as a pioneer of psychoanalysis in Italy and who also had a deep interest in Eastern spiritual philosophies.

This orientation works with our past history and helps us to understand the meaning of present patterns and situations which are no longer serving us. Psychosynthesis also looks at our unrealised potential – working with the imagination and the will to help us move forward with new awareness and new choices.

Psychosynthesis is a holistic and creative approach to counselling. It gives a framework which includes and embraces all the different aspects of our experience: body, feelings, mind, sexuality and spirituality, encouraging a greater connection and integration of these aspects. Psychosynthesis works with and uses models from a variety of other orientations (eg. person centred, psychodynamic and behavioural therapies) in response to the needs, situation and personality of the individual. As with all other therapeutic approaches creating a relationship of trust is fundamental to the work and it is important that you feel confident in the therapist’s genuine interest, care and concern.

Questions of spirituality, meaning and purpose are especially relevant to a psychosynthetic approach which can support you in opening up and exploring your thoughts, feelings and experiences in this area. I am able to use, for example guided relaxation, meditation and visualisation exercises to facilitate this.

 In every human being there is a special heaven whole and unbroken.